We are an international team of modern and insightful individuals deeply attuned to the nuances of our society, its evolutions, and its deviations.

With a touch of irony and paradox, essential elements in the grand theater of life, we aim to disrupt conventions and provoke thoughtful contemplation.

Inspired by Pirandello, we craft metatheater in reality, where each participant is acutely aware of the genuine theatrical fiction they are experiencing. Our purpose is to encourage awareness of the use of social media and their impact on our perception of reality.

We aspire to prompt critical reflection on social media usage and the imperative to reconnect the digital realm with the social fabric of our lives.

In the fake world, where is the real thing to be found? What if our reflection was truer than reality?

In the great circus of the world, we are simple jugglers of modernity, without illusions, we only highlight its excesses, or perhaps more simply we try to surf the wave of social evolution, attentive to its changes...
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