Ingegni, as a B-Corp is committed to high standards of corporate social responsibility, transparency and sustainability, and is subject to a rigorous evaluation by B-Lab, a non-profit organisation that certifies B-Corp companies on the basis to a set of sustainability standards.

This means that INGEGNI has the ambition to balance the interest of the shareholders with the collective interest, with greater responsibility, commitment and transparency from the corporate leadership.

We prepare an annual impact report, which contains the actions undertaken by the company in the interest of the community and the commitments envisaged for the future.

To achieve this goal, INGEGNI property has decided to create the INGEGNI.ORG foundation which has the purpose of making tenders and financing fair and sustainable human development projects in all countries. By statute INGEGNI will have to donate an important part of its result to associations such as INGEGNI.ORG. Click here to access the institutional part of Ingegni.

INGEGNI.ORG has the ambition to make people who would otherwise be invisible as heroes.

To do this, INGEGNI.ORG will have two missions:
- Becoming a ThinktTank who will develop new training models with a generative impact following the principles of connection with the emerging future (U-Lab theory of Otto Shammer from MiT).
- Call for tenders, collect, choose, finance and support innovative projects proposed for sustainable local development by working alongside local organizations in developing countries to provide transformation paths with the aim of making people and organizations more aware of their future potential not yet expressed.

In this way, local people and organizations become an active part of their change, which will no longer be immediately but chosen, making them capable of autonomously proposing and generating projects.

In this way we give voice and tools to those who were invisible until now and allow the generation of a new approach to society, where head, heart and hands are connected and where sustainability, the environment, personal fulfillment and well-being are put back at the center of human development.
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With B-CORP (or benefit company in Italian) we mean a legal form introduced in the 2016 Italian Government Stability Law and which defines companies that: «in the exercise of an economic activity, in addition to the purpose of dividing profits, pursue a or more purposes of common benefit and operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders".
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