The INGEGNI team
  • Guillaume BOGAERT
    Founder - Manager
    Guillaume is the creator of the INGEGNI concept and a founding member of He deals with the development of the activities. To find out more about Guillaume click here

  • Sara Cali Supervisor
    Sara takes care of the grounding of's social projects, in Italy and abroad. To find out more about Sara click here.
  • Daniela Bavuso
    Marketing Manager
    Daniela takes care of the marketing and communication of INGEGNI and To find out more about Daniela click here.
  • Francesca Giavotto
    Rivelatrice di Talento
    Francesca works at to model and implement personal growth and talent development paths for children, students and adults. To find out more about Francesca click here.
  • Beatrice Casali
    Commnunication Specialist
    Beatrice supports Daniela for all INGEGNI communication and marketing activities. To find out more about Beatrice click here. here.
Guillaume BOGAERT
Creator and Founder of INGEGNI

I was born in Villeneuve d'Ascq, in the north of France in 1976. I have a degree in engineering and I have three children.

Controller, Director, Consultant, Entrepreneur, I have always expressed creativity and humanity in my work, creating advanced technological solutions oriented towards CARETECH (technologies that take care of people, the environment and objects), writing patents and specializing in behavioral consultancy oriented to safety at work, where clearly the human being and his integrity are at the center of the activities.

"I am convinced that the most beautiful technology is the human mind and that technology must be at the service of the positive development of every human being, and not the other way around. We are at the dawn of a new technological era and I am convinced that the centrality of the human being and his physical, mental and social well-being must be the sole purpose of this technological development.

I believe we all can; without great philosophies or closing oneself within systems of thoughts; be sources of inspiration with our actions and have a small impact to change our world for the better, giving different examples, where wealth is not only economic but also and above all in doing good to others by helping them. We don't do charity but support and support, even words have meaning, the dignity of every human being is a golden rule for INTEGNI."

INGEGNI is the realization of this belief.
Can we re-center the human being in the centrality of the development of our society?
"The mission of INGEGNI is to restore meaning, to give meaning to the word humanity, making it less self-referential and more social, where the human subject is not a systemic function of society but is part of a context, of an active social project that considers it , loves him and helps him rediscover the beauty of the world, of life and gives him the happiness of having found his authenticity as a human being".
Sara Cali supervisor

Sara is a highly qualified professional in the design and implementation of high-impact social projects, both in Europe and in developing countries.

She is a coach, psychologist and has great communication skills. Together with Guillaume, she is passionately dedicated to the operational management of the organization.

Sara takes care of evaluating the proposed projects and guiding their development in the field, carefully monitoring every phase of the process and ensuring maximum transparency in reporting the results.

Focused on people's empowerment, she believes that every project should have a positive impact on people's lives, helping them become autonomous and capable of realizing their own destiny.
"I would like to actively contribute to the creation of a more just and sustainable world" cit. Sara Cali
Daniela Bavuso
Marketing manager

Daniela has 20 years of experience in positioning and building local and international strategic relationships that help public, private organizations, NGOs and institutions achieve their objectives, strengthen identities and connections, generating economic and social value.

In her daily work, she brings together the missions of distant realities in the field of responding to collective needs and supports them in co-planning and in bringing out visions in front of institutional, industrial and media stakeholders.

His passion is projects that have a strong innovative component, those that are born with the aim of improving people's lives, producing a positive and lasting impact on communities and which, finally, are positioned as bearers of a contribution that adds depth and plurality to the socio-cultural debate, which is why he has enthusiastically been part of the Ingegni team since its origins.

My passion is projects that have a strong innovative component, those that arise with the aim of improving people's lives and producing a positive and lasting impact on communities.
Francesca Giavotto
Rivelatrice di talenti

I am a holistic counselor and family constellator. I was born in Genoa in 1973. I have always been passionate about books, different peoples and cultures. I graduated in foreign languages and literatures from the University of Genoa.

I study with Cristina Aprato, direct student of Baba Bedi, Indian mystic and founder of Aquarian philosophy. I explore the world of talents, objective symbolism applied to dreams and drawings and vibrational techniques for the person's energetic rebalancing. In Milan I attend the Ajna Academy for Family Constellators and Holistic Counselors of Francesca Bianchetti and Anna Laura Cannamela.

Over the years I have enriched my studies on talent research, delving into the field of potential, metagenealogy and the construction of the Vision Board.

To date I have developed and propose individual paths dedicated to young people struggling with the choice of high school, a university or post-university path, but also to adults, helping them to reconnect with their potential.

I use the VISION BOARD, a powerful and effective tool that has become an annual path that I propose in high schools for final year students.

I want to give my contribution to Ingegni because I think that the world is the projection of what we have inside. If we cultivate the interiority of our children by helping them to manifest talents, potential and to find a life project in perfect cohesion with "I want" and "I must", then we will have significantly contributed to a better world, a better society.

Each of us has been granted talents, resources and potential which, if manifested, not only make us happy and fulfilled individuals, but allow the community to actively and positively benefit from our service.
If we cultivate the interiority of our children by helping them to manifest talents and potential, they can find a life project that brings the "I want" and the "I must" into harmony.
Beatrice Casali
Communication Specialist

I graduated in marketing from the IULM University of Milan, my work experience began in the Digital Marketing team of an Italian family company. Subsequently, having a very dynamic personality, I chose to join the team of the Make A Plan strategic studio with which I still collaborate. Here I had the opportunity to approach various projects in various sectors, coming into contact with realities with different needs.

I became passionate about Brand Strategies during university. I have always found it interesting to understand the mechanisms that lead a brand to success and growth.

I believe that a brand must always be consistent with its values and have a clear long-term vision, all accompanied by a pinch of audacity.

I have many passions, among them the practice of sport: running, swimming, tennis and sometimes skiing. I've always liked speed. The only sport I like watching on TV is Formula 1, but I'm passionate about cars in general."
I believe that a brand must always be consistent with its values and have a clear long-term vision, all accompanied by a pinch of audacity.
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