INGEGNI FASHION is aimed at conscious luxury lovers who appreciate unique designs and high quality garments.
Reinvent Luxury is the embodiment of a lifestyle ready for both everyday life and the metaverse. In addition to offering versatile, high-quality objects and clothing, we are a B-Corp deeply committed to true social innovation.

Each of our garments is designed to be worn in any context, from the street to the metaverse, bringing with it luxury, authenticity and tangible social commitment.

As a Proof of Authentication, with the sale of every T-Shirt is associated the delivery of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Each T-shirt is linked to a single NFT, which allows wearing the T-shirt in a virtual environment known as the "metaverse," likely in Decentraland. Those wishing to resell the T-shirt can do so by transferring the corresponding NFT for authentication purposes.

To carry out this transaction, included in the purchase of the T-shirt, you need a digital wallet, an electronic application where you can store and manage these NFTs. If you want to learn more about NFTs and wallets, you can get additional information by clicking here.

Every week we add a new model to our collection and periodically we offer collaborations with others brands to offer our customers a new experience.
When you purchase one of our T-shirts, you're actively contributing to the creation of a fairer and more sustainable world. Ingegni, as a B-Corp, is deeply committed to funding human development projects through its association .

Last Release

PRE SALE OPEN - T-shirt with 100% organic cotton. White, signature Ingenious motif and text printed on the front, round neck, dropped shoulder sleeves and short sleeves.
To see the linked NFT click here


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