INGEGNI exist for free minded people who want to search, find, experiment and realise new paths for human realization.
On the other side of the mirror.

For free, modern people, in step with the times, connected but also ironic, because social media is ultimately just a great show and all of us, with simplicity and irony, can express our uniqueness in the multitude.

We offer high quality, ecological, modern, ironic, provocative products, to allow each of us to express our thoughts, capturing attention in a simple and clear way, not only with the object itself, but also with the positive social meaning which represents.

modernity: each product is equipped with an NFT which certifies its authenticity and value. Additionally, real objects can also be used in the Metaverse. At the same time, each object will be a tangible object representing a concrete social action to help human beings dream again.

In this great spectacle of life, where the reflection shown of our being is so important, looking at ourselves in the mirror or on the screen of our smartphone, have we not already passed to the other side of the mirror?
We want to actively contributing to the creation of a fairer and more sustainable world. Our deep ambition is to support every people to realise itself .
" Ingegni's vision is to lead a cultural transformation through a conscious use of social media, reconnecting the virtual with the social, luxury with generosity, to reposition the human being in the centrality of our society "
We are an international team of modern and insightful individuals deeply attuned to the nuances of our society, its evolutions, and its deviations.

With a touch of irony and paradox, essential elements in the grand theater of life, we aim to disrupt conventions and provoke thoughtful contemplation.

Inspired by Pirandello, we craft metatheater in reality, where each participant is acutely aware of the genuine theatrical fiction they are experiencing. Our purpose is to encourage awareness of the use of social media and their impact on our perception of reality and on how it is possibile to link social media with social development.

We aspire to prompt critical reflection on social media usage and the imperative to reconnect the digital realm with the social fabric of our lives.

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In this fake world, where is the real thing? What if our reflection was truer than reality?
In the great circus of the world, ingegni is a simple juggler of modernity, without illusions. We only highlight its excesses, or perhaps more simply, attentive to its drifts and changes, we try to inspire and contribute to the realization of a new social evolution...
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