INGEGNI PEOPLE search, inspire, experiment and realise new paths for personal human realization.

INGEGNI is a B-Corp that wants to give voice and instruments to those who until now were invisible and lost. We want to offer the new generations a new approach to society, where head, heart and hands are connected and where sustainability, environment, personal fulfillment and well-being are put back at the center of human development.

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We want to actively contributing to the creation of a fairer and more sustainable world. Our deep ambition is to support every people to realise itself .
" We want to define and provide modern tools so that people and local organizations become an active part of their change, which will no longer be immediate but chosen. The goal is to enable everyone to independently realize their future and their dreams "
INGEGNI PEOLPE is a ThinkTank that supports social change

We are an independent group, which deals with analysis and social strategy as a whole, from support to individual development, up to technological solutions resilient to climate change, passing through methods for transforming voluntary associations into NGOs of the new millennium, where the The impact of creating autonomy is more important than the means made available, where solving problems is the only objective.

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Supporting social change, with the aim of the centrality and autonomy of the human being is the objective of the INGEGNI ThinkTank. (Photo: Ingegni Model: Isadora Armando)
Ingegni's vision is to lead a cultural transformation through a conscious use of social media, reconnecting the virtual with the social, luxury with generosity, to reposition the human being in the centrality of our society.
INGEGNI PEOLPE defines and supports social projects carried out by associations.

We imagine and implement social projects with real qualitative impact. With ThinkTank we define innovative tools that we subsequently apply in the social projects we carry out.
The idea is to support projects that have qualitative impacts on people's lives by creating autonomy. Then to measure the social impact of these actions to tangibly demonstrate their effectiveness.

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Creating a new society where the achievement of autonomy and personal and professional satisfaction is our goal.
(Photo: Ingegni Model: Ida Armani)
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