INGEGNI proposes a new approach to connect luxury with social commitment

INGEGNI is a palindrome, it means that it is readable in both directions, even if the writing is read in a mirror. To reinforce this feature, the garments produced by INGEGNI have the mirrored logo.
The result is a logo that can only be read in the mirror, or by taking a selfie where the word INGEGNI appears surprisingly and curiously straight! As a result, the image in the mirror or in the selfie seems more real than reality!

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The logo of all the objects sold by INGEGNI contain backwards writing to allow understanding in reality and reading in the mirror.
How can we inspire people to think about the reflection that each of us gives in real life and on social media in an original and relevant way?


INGEGNI periodically produces t-shirts in limited series, called capsules. Each T-shirt sale comes with a digital ownership title provided in the form of an NFT that will allow the T-shirt to be worn in the metaverse.

Each t-shirt features the INGEGNI writing and logo with the writing reversed but legible in the mirror or when taking a selfie.

As a result, the selfie taken wearing the t-shirt appears more "real" than reality because only the selfie has the word "straight". The result is disturbing, and this disorientation creates the basis for a reflection on the perception of reality.

By creating collaborations with other luxury brands, the concept is to create very exclusive limited edition garments and objects that have the collaboration brand and the INGEGNI logo mirrored. The resulting objects become "real" in selfies but show their uniqueness even when worn because with the writing backwards the objects obviously remain recognizable to all the other people who see them!

These t-shirts with the writing written backwards allow you to "show off" an exclusive product when worn; because with the writing backwards; which however also transmits in a refined way a message of attention to social issues, because although very exclusive, its exclusivity is also directly linked to the support of social activities.

As a result, we have created objects sold with Hyper Exclusivity that serve to support Inclusivity activities.

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I capi ed oggetti di INGEGNI hanno il logo modificato e la scritta al contrario. Ne risultano oggetti molto riconoscibili alle altre persone che la vedono. Inoltre magicamente nel selfie le scritte appaiono dritte, con la percezione di essere dall'altro lato dello specchio.
"With INGEGNI, Beautiful and Exclusive are now synonymous with Good and Empathy"

All INGEGNI activities have the sole purpose of supporting social activities carried out for example and non-exclusively by the volunteer association INGEGNI.ORG, the operational arm of INGEGNI to experiment and implement real impactful social actions.

All social activities validated and supported by INGEGNI have the round seal with the double writing INGEGNI, where the upper part is legible in reality and the lower part appears legible in selfies, always to remember the duality of where the proceeds come from and where they are destined .

This seal indicates clearly and visibly that the social activity carried out is uniquely supported by INGEGNI which applies this seal as a guarantor of the social activities carried out.

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The seal is applied to all social activities supported by INGEGNI.
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